Project Fact Sheet




 ·      Over 100,000 SF of park,landscaped planting beds, riverwalk and pedestrian areas (2.3 acres)

 ·      No public incentives,subsidies or tax increment financing (TIF)

 ·      Private investment of over$1.0 billion dollars and 2000+ construction and permanent jobs

 ·      Proposed buildings include:
        ·      West Tower - a 50-story, 500foot apartment building with 500 luxury rental units

        ·      South Tower - 950 foot tallmixed use building

        ·      East Tower - 750 foot mixeduse building

 ·      All buildings will pursueLEED certification



Riverfront Park and Riverwalk

 ·      Riverwalk will be over 31feet wide at the south point and will use a cantilever system to all fornatural river habitat and aesthetics

 ·      Prominent riverwalk entrypoints on both east and west side of the site

 ·      Commitment to recognizing andcelebrating the historic significance of Wolf Point

 ·      Activated riverwalk with theinclusion of public restaurant space, outdoor seating, a "lookoutpoint" and public restrooms

 ·      Provisions for water taxiaccess



Parking / Traffic

 ·      Reduced parking (1,285spaces) at ratios significantly lower than comparable projects

 ·      Eliminated auto/parkingaccess from Kinzie for all phases resulting in immediate reduction of trafficon Kinize with Phase 1

 ·      Developer paid infrastructureimprovements including installation of signals, pedestrian countdown signals,additional turn arrows and monitoring of signal timing



Design Progression

 ·      Proposed floor area ratio(FAR) has been reduced by over 265,000 square feet

 ·      Maximized open space andlight across entire site

 ·      Increased prominence of SouthTower through design changes and notable water feature at the base

 ·      Additional lighting addedthroughout the site to improve security and enhance the site during eveninghours